• Wharton Alumni Angels

    Supervisory Board of Directors

    Deb Bardhan

    David Mes

    Nate Jewell

    John Braze


  • Honorary Board Emeritus

    Dave Pottruck

  • Regional Managing Directors

    Michelle Liu

    Asia Pacific

    Daniel Arippol



    Europe & Nordics

    José Garcia

    Hispanic LatAm

    Mostafa Maleki

    Middle East & Africa

    Linda Gu

    North-Central US

    John Braze

    Northwest US

    Shruthi Cauvery Iyer

    South & Central Asia

    Ellen Chang

    Southwest US

  • Brazil Chapter

    Leadership Team

    Daniel Arippol

    Managing Director

    Guilherme Freire

    Eduardo Kupper

    Davi Miyake

  • Hispanic Latin America Chapter

    Leadership Team

    José Garcia

    Managing Director

    Matías Rossetto

    Harold Marcenaro

  • Silicon Valley Chapter

    Leadership Team

    John Braze

    Managing Director

    Vanessa Lee

    Director Operations

    Michael Jue

    Director Membership

    David Hirsch

    Director Syndication

    Ash Archibald

    Director Investment

    Charles Tseng

    Director Portfolio Relations

    Manuel Ureno

    Director Events

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