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President: Ellen Chang

CFO & Treasurer: Irene Zhang

Operations: Pankaj Kedia

Deal Flow: Jacky Chen

Marketing: Shruthi CauveryIyer

Admin: Loren Armenti


Our SCREENING COMMITTEE is divided into four (7) subcommittees chaired by the following members: 

Screening Committee Chair, Jacky Chen / @Jacky Chen

Life SciencesJim Carroll / @Jim Carroll

Enterprise (B2B), Jon Buchwald / @Jon Buchwald

Deeptech (general tech)Bruno Wu / @Bruno Wu

Consumer (B2C, B2B2C)Adam Colton / @Adam Colton

Brazil, Daniel Arippol / @DArippol

UK-Europe Doug Clarisse / @Douglas Clarisse

If you're interested in volunteering on one of our screening committees please contact the committee Chair


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