Supervisory Board of Directors

Our Supervisory Board consists of five directors including at least one independent director. A simple majority of the Board must be alumni of the Wharton School. The Supervisory Board governs the property and affairs of Wharton Alumni Angels, and these powers extend to any “Chapters” and to investment special-purpose-vehicles of which Wharton Alumni Angels is the Managing Member.

An Honorary Board Emeritus provides advice and counsel to Wharton Alumni Angels and its Board. Wharton Alumni Angels grants membership on the Honorary Board Emeritus to any former board member who meets the criteria defined in the bylaws. The Board may also appoint any Wharton alumnus to the Honorary Board Emeritus who has provided outstanding value to Wharton Alumni Angels or the Wharton School.

NOTICE: We are accepting nominations for an independent (not affiliated with Penn) board member.

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Board Directors

Honorary Board Emeritus