A dedicated Slack channel has been created for #k-1s

UPDATE (15-Apr-2024): K-1s have been distributed by Cornerstone to WAA Investor Members for investments using WAASV LLC SPV with noted exceptions below.  If you were expecting to receive K-1 for 2023 but have not, please reach out to Loren Armenti at [email protected]

  • Assure investments:
    • DarwinAI:  No K-1s will be issued as there is no activity with this company
    • Medcrypt: No K-1s will be issued as there is no activity with this company
    • Motion2AI:
      • Assure SPV: K-1s are currently being prepared and will be distributed as soon as possible.  Additional details will be communicated as received
  • Motion2AI: WAASV LLC and Mir Ventures have been updated to reflect the losses on 2023 K1 and distributed.  If you are invested into Motion2AI, your investment flowed through WAASV LLC's SPV. As you are not directly invested into Motion2AI, you should only receive one(1) K1.
  • Oeland[from Oeland] "We will distribute a K-1 as soon as it’s available. We are still waiting on the schedule k-1 from the underlying investment. Last year the schedule k-1 was sent out in mid-August. We expect similar timing this year"
  • Optionality: Optionality is targeting to send K-1s to WAA mid-to-late summer for processing

If you have any questions specific to your investment or your K1, please reach out to Spencer at [email protected] and he would be happy to assist.