How We Invest

We are enthusiastic about entrepreneurs and passionate teams pursuing their dreams. We predominantly invest in early-stage technology start-ups. Wharton Alumni Angels seeks to add value and actively provide mentoring and assistance to young companies.

Founded in 2016, Wharton Alumni Angels is an active angel investment group composed of University of Pennsylvania alumni and non-Penn alumni who have joined our community. Our members are entrepreneurs, senior business executives, and institutional investors with a global reach. Our members are located on every continent and invest in start-ups worldwide.

We have a deep network and working relationships with venture capital funds, other angel networks, and innovation ecosystems globally to cultivate the growth of technology start-ups.  We do not focus on specific verticals or industries.

What We Look For

The group of Wharton Alumni Angels issues one check to each portfolio company as a group investor. Here is what we look for from early-stage companies, but have exceptions:

  • Angel, pre-seed & seed stage rounds seek $750K - $5M (We have exceptions)
  • Minimum of $500K left on the round
  • Compelling teams with a vision for sector-defining companies
  • Software companies should have pilot customers ready
  • Hardware/Deep-tech/Medical startups require MVP with a compelling growth path
  • Typically a minimum cheque size of $50K
  • Have a lead investor ready at the time of application

Partner Benefits Available to Portfolio