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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
5:00pm— 6:30pm
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James Carroll

Wharton Alumni Angels has invited three Life Sciences companies to pitch to it's Members on Wednesday, 27-Sept from 5pm - 6:30pm PT // 8pm - 9:30pm ET.

The presenting companies are Probius and Cayuga Biotech which won the Eppicon Pitch Event held in the San Francisco Bay, CA area on 09-Sept-2023 and Edulis Labs which has a successful first fundraising round near close.
Learn about each company below and click on their logo for more information and visit them on DEALUM (Funnel => Pitch Day).


If you are a WAA member and cannot access Dealum please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.


 Cayuga Biotech is developing a biomimetic drug to address life-threatening hemorrhage.

PROBLEM: Hemorrhage accounts for nearly 2 million deaths/year. For most types of severe, life-threatening hemorrhage, there are no approved therapies that can reach internal, non-compressible bleeding sites. Uncontrolled hemorrhage is also associated with poor long-term outcomes and very high healthcare costs.

SOLUTION: Cayuga's lead drug, CAY001, is a one-time IV injection that accelerates the clotting response. It is based on a polymer is stored in platelets that modulates the kinetics of coagulation. Faster clotting means less blood loss and better survival.


  We are a team of PhD chemists developing new technology for permanently coloring and lightening hair sans toxicity, damage, or unpredictability.

PROBLEM: It's been 116 years since L’Oreal first commercialized permanent color and 73 years after Clairol first introduced a one-step hair bleach formulation. Time has proven permanent color to be highly allergenic and hair bleach to be damaging (and somewhat unpredictable... hello uninvited orange). Edulis was founded on the belief that the way we approach hair color is wrong. 

SOLUTION: Melanin-based hair colorant


  With vibrations to encode molecules, Probius links biology and AI to create decentralized predictive models of diseases.

PROBLEM: Today's bioanalytical methods make biomarker and drug discovery slow and inefficient because end users have to choose between depth and breadth and rely on a hit or miss, iterative confirmation of biological hypothesis. Datasets are blind to the systems biology correlations existing across biological scales leading to inaccurate disease models.

SOLUTION: Our proprietary platform allows us to build unbiased, broad-spectrum mathematical representations of biological samples longitudinally. Our customers use them to perform digital classification, identification of biomarkers and quantitation of small molecules, metabolites, peptides, proteins, organelles in one shot directly in the background matrix.


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