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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
5:00pm— 7:00pm
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Wharton Alumni Angels has invited four (4) Life Sciences companies to pitch to WAA Members and Guests on Wednesday, 21-Feb-2024 from 5pm - 7:00pm PT // 8pm - 10:00pm ET.

This event is open to both Wharton Alumni Angels Members and non-Members.

Please click on the company logos to visit their website.  Wharton Alumni Angel Members can view these companies in DEALUM (Funnel => Pitch Day).


      5:00pm PT / 8:00pm ET    RemediumBio

      5:25pm PT / 8:25pm ET    Cardiospire

      5:50pm PT / 8:50pm ET    Halo

      6:15pm PT / 9:15pm ET    VenoVision

      6:40pm PT / 9:40pm ET    Pitch debrief and discussion (WAA Members only)


  Next-generation dose-adjustable gene therapy with the potential to 

revolutionize recombinant protein delivery.

Sourced by WAA Member, James Carroll

Remedium-Bio on Dealum

PROBLEM: Current generation gene therapy technology has several limitations, which prevent its application to the treatment of prevalent conditions. High cost, immunogenicity, and the inability to adjust the dose following initial administration, are currently limiting this revolutionary therapeutic modality.

SOLUTION: Remedium has developed a revolutionary gene delivery platform, Prometheus™, which can replace repeat subcutaneous protein injections, with a single injection, ultra-low cost, durable, and adjustable treatment. The first Prometheus™ candidate delivers a GLP-1 receptor agonist and demonstrates weight loss, glycemic control, and insulin response superior to daily GLP-1 protein injections (e.g. Ozempic®) - with a potentially increased safety and tolerability profile.


 Cardiospire is a new approach to noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring using airway pressure

Sourced by WAA Member, Motty Clots

Cardiospire on Dealum

PROBLEM: Cardiospire will provide high-fidelity cardiac output and pulmonary artery pressures from the hospital to the home. Current solutions are inaccurate, invasive, or carry risk. A new approach is needed to adequately manage our vulnerable CHF, sepsis, and surgical patients.

SOLUTION: Cardiospire identifies and isolates cardiogenic oscillations (COS) in airway pressure. The shape, timing, and amplitude of these oscillations provide critical information about pressures in the pulmonary artery and left heart performance. Cardiospire has demonstrated robust COS capture in ventilated and spontaneously-breathing ambulatory patients.

 Halo is the first market network for R&D, powering the $100B companies spend sourcing innovation partners.

Sourced by WAA Member, John Braze

Halo.Science on Dealum

PROBLEM: R&D partnering and technology scouting is a manual and antiquated process that still relies primarily on in-person conferences and personal connections.

SOLUTION: Halo leverages AI and a network of ecosystem partners across 100+ countries to programmatically connect corporate R&D teams with scientists and research partners with relevant technologies and expertise.

  Non-invasive advanced cardiac monitoring of heart failure & at-risk patients to drive down the billions of dollars lost on over intensive and too late care.

Sourced by WAA Member, James Carroll

VenoVision on Dealum

PROBLEM: Millions of heart failure and other at-risk patients in the hospital & at home have insufficient non-invasive advanced cardiac monitoring. This is leading to undetected hemodynamic deterioration - including heart failure exasperation, organ dysfunction & death. The result is billions of dollars lost by hospitals and insurers on more intensive treatments, unplanned ICU visits, extended lengths of stay and (re)hospitalizations.

SOLUTION: VenoVision is an affordable, easy-to-use, non-invasive advanced cardiac monitoring device & platform for the entire continuum of care. It uses thermal imaging & AI to deliver hemodynamic insights previously limited to invasive sensors, uniquely overcoming the challenges of assessing obese patients. By filling in key patient status biometrics, VenoVision will help medical teams spot deterioration sooner and better guide therapy in the hospital & at home.


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