Life Sciences Pitch Event Featuring Partner Syndicated Referred Deals

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Thursday, July 11, 2024
7:00pm— 9:00pm
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Loren Armenti/Wharton Alumni Angels Admin


Wharton Alumni Angels Has invited Life Sciences companies that have been referred by Partner Syndicates to pitch to WAA Members and Guests on Thursday, 11-Jul-2024 from 4pm - 6:00pm PT // 7pm - 9:00pm ET.

This event is open to both Wharton Alumni Angels Members and non-Members.  Attendees are invited and encouraged to participate in the post pitch discussion following the last presentation.

Selected companies can be viewed below.

Zoom joining information will be sent upon registering for this event.


4:05pm PT // 7:05pm ET Trio Pharmaceuticals
4:30pm PT // 7:30pm ET Headache Sciences
4:55pm PT // 7:55pm ET Rheoxtech
5:20pm PT // 8:20pm ET  Cooler Heads
5:40pm PT // 8:40pm ET WAA Member and Guest Post Pitch discussion


⭐ Visit the companies on Dealum to view company profile, submit due diligence questions, pitch recording (when available), etc..


Developing novel dual targeting antibody drugs to treat cancer by reducing toxicity and enhancing anti- tumor immunity.

PROBLEM: In absence of true tumor specific antigen increasing efficacy of treatment is impossible. We are solving the problem of increasing treatment efficacy in cancer.

SOLUTION: - Increasing anti- tumor immune response by removing immunosuppression in tumor by eliminating both cancer cells and immunosuppressor cells by using the first ever dual action ADC, TIE-ADC - Reducing toxicity by using first ever antibody drug, TRAILBody, that kills only cancer cells with no activity on normal cells thereby reducing toxicity.



We’re using EEG and AI to get migraine patients effective treatment five years faster than the current gold standard.

PROBLEM: 53% of migraine patients get the wrong drugs or incorrect treatment for 5 years at which point they're hard to reverse. We are solving this by using EEG and AI. We directly measure your brain and tell you what's wrong and what to do about it.

SOLUTION: A patient visits their doctor within a few weeks of their last migraine attack. The doctor conducts an EEG test using our protocols and hardware and sends us the data. Our AI reads the signature of the brain waves, we send a report outlining what's wrong, why, and how to fix it, all within minutes.



Rheoxtech is a medical device company developing solutions for reperfusion injury following acute myocardial infarctions

PROBLEM: Annually, the U.S. sees approximately 800,000 acute MI cases. Despite current treatments, about 10% of patients die initially, and another 10% develop Cardiogenic Shock, which has up to a 40% mortality rate. New interventions are essential to improve survival rates.

SOLUTION: RHEOX™ Reperfusion System A first in class cardiac reperfusion system (Pump Base Unit, Disposable Cartridge, and Perfusion Catheter) that is intended for use in acute myocardial infarction patients, predicted to save lives, improve patient quality of life, and result in considerable cost savings.


Cooler Heads uses technology to help cancer patients and survivors address the common complex side effects of treatment.

PROBLEM: Cooler Heads is building the evidence based products, content and services cancer patients and survivors need to manage the complex side effects of treatment. Our first product, Amma, is the only solution that makes it possible for infusion centers to profitably offer scalp cooling therapy so chemotherapy patients can keep their hair.

SOLUTION: Scalp cooling has to start before chemotherapy begins and continues for at least 2 hours following the infusion. Legacy solutions double the amount of time a patient is in the infusion chair making it too expensive for infusion centers. Amma allows patients to continue cooling out of the chair and a pricing structure that makes it profitable.


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