Town Hall Meeting: Meet the Wharton Alumni Angels Board of Directors

Date and Time
Tuesday, April 9, 2024
7:00pm— 8:00pm
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The Wharton Alumni Angels club is hosting an upcoming town hall meeting, inviting our Members to engage directly with WAA's Board of Directors.

This forthcoming event is a platform for open dialogue, enabling Members to pose questions, express concerns, and offer suggestions to the governing Board of Directors. Discussion points may cover:

  • Strategic Directions
  • Investment Priorities
  • Initiatives to enhance the club's network
  • Startup Support Mechanisms and
  • Education for Members

The Board plans to share insights into future strategies and address Member inquiries to cultivate a collaborative environment.

This meeting underscores the Board’s dedication to inclusivity and Member participation in decision-making processes, reinforcing the ethos of mutual growth and support within the entrepreneurial community.

This event promises to strengthen the connection between Wharton Alumni Angel Members and the Board of Directors, setting a robust future for the club's initiatives and the critical part Members and the Leadership Team all play in our piece of the Wharton ecosystem.


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